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iBooks 2—much more than meets the eye? | Tapity

In Mac Desktop, Strategy, Teaching on 03/23/2012 at 1:41 pm

iBooks Author

App developer Tapity posted this on their blog a few days ago. Tapity developed the Grades 2 iPhone app, which “shows students what they need to score on their upcoming assignments, tests, and finals in order to get the grade they want” and which earned Tapity an Apple Design Award last year.

Here Tapity thinks aloud about what the iBooks Author app means outside the world of textbooks. Thoughtful:

iBooks can compete with all published books, and anyone can be an author and a publisher at virtually no cost. Whoah. No publisher in between author and customer. Whoah. Did you get that?

In our view, iBooks 2 + iBooks Author + iBookstore = a new Wild West of publishing. And not only that, with interactive widgets, iBooks can also be a much less expensive way to create certain kinds of iPad applications, particularly ones that are primarily about presenting content. And not only that, iBooks could become a platform for publishing all kinds of other highly-interactive crazy stuff, from fancy ads to annual reports to digital album extras to college course catalogs to user’s manuals to movie promos to…you get the idea.

I can see students doing reports, even theses and dissertations (eventually), with this tool. I can also see this as a viable presentation software. Oh Apple, what don’t you disrupt?

via Shawn Blanc.


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