Testing New Tools for Doing Good Work

Why Reducing Faculty Stress Should Be An Explicit Goal of Academic IT | Inside Higher Ed

In Administration, Teaching on 09/19/2012 at 10:07 am

image courtesy InsideHigherEd.com
Joshua Kim:

When given the right tools, and the right incentive structures, our faculty are our best champions for innovating around teaching and learning.  Faculty will seek out new ways to utilize technology to better reach their teaching and research goals. 

We should think twice about rolling out new applications and new platforms, but rather focus on the conditions that support experimentation and continuous improvement.   

Paying more attention to our faculty partners state of mind, to the degree to which the the campus technology in which we touch is stressing them out, just might be the right place to focus our efforts on promoting innovation.

The emotional aspect of technology is far too often ignored, by edtech people, by faculty – by too many people. When you’re used to a given set of tools to do your work, and then you’re told to change tools and given little or no training and support, that would cause anyone stress, whether the tool is a new type of welding gun, presentation application, or a tablet. It takes time and a period of trial and error to learn how to use a new tool, and when the stakes are high that only makes it harder.

via Why Reducing Faculty Stress Should Be An Explicit Goal of Academic IT | Inside Higher Ed.


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