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Automator workflow of the month: Convert PowerPoint to Keynote | Macworld

In Keynote, Mac Desktop, PowerPoint, Presenting on 04/30/2012 at 2:31 pm

PowerPoint to Keynote via Automator

Automator makes it easy to convert PowerPoint presentations to Keynote, even in batches

Automator workflow of the month: Convert PowerPoint to Keynote | Macworld.

“What’s Automator? What’s a workflow? I have PowerPoint on my Mac, why do this whole nerd-looking thing?”

Good questions. Learning this will make you more comfortable on your Mac, especially if you’re a recent switcher from Windows. Automator lets you set up processes, called workflows, that can make repetitive desktop operations easy. You can save a workflow as a drag-and-drop application: drop a bunch of PPT files on it and – boom – you’ve got your converted Keynote files, ready to go.

Note that not all conversions will be smooth; there are troubleshooting tips in this post, and here are some bonus links: the time-saving, and sometimes it feels like life-saving PowerPoint FAQ; the Office for Mac Help FAQ for PowerPoint; and some very good Keynote tips from Dave Taylor.